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Rafa Borisonik SURF SMART

Mexican Migration in the 21st Century: Demographic Changes of Migrants

How has Mexican migration changed over time? This project will tackle this question by studying migrant characteristics and flows from specific origins and destinations. It will explore the spatial redistribution of migrant flows and consider the extent to which gender is a defining trait in migration patterns. I will conduct a literature review of social science research on Mexican migration to the U.S., focusing on how migration research treats gender. I will also produce a summary of how migration policies in the U.S. and Mexico have changed over time and whether specific policies have affected gendered and family migration. Finally, I will collect and clean data on migrant counts, as well as various characteristics of Mexican municipalities and U.S. states.

Message To Sponsor

Thank you to my donor for funding this research opportunity. I am exceedingly grateful to you. Your funds will not only allow me to further my research interests, but also give me greater financial peace of mind.
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Major: Political Science Major, Demography Minor
Mentor: Andrea Miranda-Gonzlez
Sponsor: Shin Morgan Fund
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