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Pablo Paderes Humanities and Social Science

The Disappeared: An Integrated Look at Incarceration and Deportation

The rise of mass incarceration and punishment over the past 4 decades in the U.S. is largely understood as a black issue, while immigrant incarceration and punishment are largely understood as brown problems. These analytical borders segregate rich bodies of theory and analysis from each other. My research will use in-depth interviews of formerly incarcerated people and black and brown social justice movement leaders to create an integrated, bottom-up analysis serving to guide archival research of current statistics and recent trends in order to understand the mass incarceration and punishment of black and brown people as an integrated phenomenon.

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This summer, I transformed from a student to a researcher. I was designing, carrying out and presenting my very own original research. There was a moment during the presentation at the SURF conference when it dawned on me that I could actually do this and do it well, that, in fact, I was doing it. My dream is to become a college professor and this stage which I was allowed to train on with strong scaffolding has gone a great way to build my confidence in my ability to achieve this dream. Thank you for making this opportunity possible.
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Major: Ethnic Studies
Mentor: Pablo Gonzalez
Sponsor: Wishek Fund
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