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Nikolay Velkov SURF SMART

Laboratory Earthquakes: Direct Observation of Stick-Slip Fault Behavior

Laboratory seismology uses a scale-model approach to complement the wealth of research on in situ earthquakes that cannot be observed directly. A simple mechanical system applies shear stress to two blocks with a roughened interface, such that it produces stick-slip behavior with energy signatures matching in situ earthquakes. Lab scale seismic sensors allow us to apply typical seismological analyses. Additional instruments provide measurements not available in the field, which are used to expand our understanding of the underlying processes as well as the results and limits of the seismological methods.

Message To Sponsor

The SMART fellowship has changed how I view research and the academic world. It has guided me into the daunting and intimidating world of research in a smooth and pleasant way. I learned that I am also capable of doing new and meaningful work as long as I take it one step at a time. It was an experience I would recommend to anyone who is unsure of themselves if they have the ability to work in academia, as it has certainly transformed my mindset, and I now look at it as a realistic career path for myself.
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Major: Civil Engineering
Mentor: Jes Parker
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