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Nicole Khatibi Rose Hills

Novel Flow Designs for Understanding Turbulent Flows

Turbulent flows are everpresent in engineering and nature. Turbulent flows are characterized by a wide range of flow scales, intense mixing, high rates of heat and momentum transfer, and significant energy dissipation rates. A question of paramount importance in the field is how do turbulent flows achieve these ‘extreme’ properties. The practical and scientific importance of this question can hardly be overstated. A thorough insight into the principal components of turbulence will facilitate the development of better control strategies in engineering and explain the physical mechanism behind the enhanced angular transport required for star formation. However, the chaotic nature of turbulent flows makes it tricky to answer the above question. This research, plans to explore this question from the point of view of flow designs, through asking a straightforward question: what simple flow design can maximize the properties stated above just like the turbulent flows?

Message To Sponsor

Thank you to everyone who made this opportunity possible and for your generous support. Your generosity to fostering research and innovation is immensely appreciated and has provided me with an incredible opportunity to advance in this field. I am thrilled about the work ahead and grateful for your belief in the importance of this endeavor.
Major: Applied Mathematics
Mentor: Anuj Kumar
Sponsor: Rose Hills Foundation
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