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Nicole Goldberg-Boltz L&S Sciences

Investigating Inhibitory Effects of the Pre-SMA in a Response Inhibition Paradigm

We are frequently required to halt or alter ongoing actions when an unexpected event is presented. For example, when we start crossing the street and we see an unanticipated car, we have to suddenly halt. In neuroscience, this sudden suppression of movement is referred to as response-inhibition. Response-inhibition deficits have been linked to disorders such as ADHD, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and substance use disorders. However, the exact neural pathways engaged in response inhibition are undefined, which I am interested in uncovering. For my project, I will focus on three proposed areas of the brain involved in response-inhibition known as the pre-supplementary motor area, pre-motor and primary motor cortex. Specifically, Im interested in uncovering key information regarding the role of the pre-supplementary motor area in the stop-inhibition network. Understanding of this network may provide insight into diseases with impaired response-inhibition, and potentially provide a basis for the development of therapies.

Message To Sponsor

I am honored, elated and grateful to receive the SURF Fellowship. The SURF Fellowship is an incredible experience because it enables me to fully commit my time to my research that I am so passionate about. This time is invaluable to further develop my skills as a researcher, presenter and writer. I am so thankful to the Pergo Foundation for such an opportunity. The work and skills I develop this summer will be a launching point into my future; in graduate school, I hope to continue working on the stop-inhibition network and create therapeutic techniques to help individuals with ADHD.
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Major: Psychology with emphasis in Neuroscience
Mentor: Dr. Robert Knight, Neuroscience
Sponsor: Pergo SURF fellow
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