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Disk Resonator Format for Kinetic Inductance Detectors

Microwave kinetic inductance detectors (MKIDs) are an emerging technology in the field of radiation detection and have broad applications in physics, including understanding star formation as well as directly detecting dark matter. MKIDs are particularly useful for their ability to be combined easily into the arrays of hundreds to thousands of sensors needed for these experiments. However, MKIDs have not reached the fundamental energy resolutions provided by other incumbent detector technologies like transition edge sensors or micro-calorimeters. We have proposed a design, which should increase the performance of these detectors, but we have an incomplete knowledge of its electromagnetic properties. Obtaining a complete characterization of the sensor’s properties is critical to our ability to manufacture and test the design. The development of this new MKID geometry may significantly improve our ability to detect radiation.

Message To Sponsor

This fellowship has provided me an amazing opportunity to do research in physics. Throughout the project I will gain valuable insight into the field of dark matter detection, which will and already has influenced my future research goals. I am very grateful to the SURF program, the Pergo Foundation, and the support from Miguel Daal and Professor Sadoulet for making this project possible.
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Major: Physics, Applied Mathematics
Mentor: Bernard Sadoulet, Physics
Sponsor: Pergo SURF fellow
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