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Nathan Song Rose Hills

Fast Light Modulation for Ultracold Atoms

Ultracold atomic lattices are a hot platform for quantum information. By addressing neutral atoms with resonant light in an optical cavity we can induce effects like Rabi oscillations, Rydberg blockade, and many-body coherent interactions. Precise control over such effects enables exploration of complex Ising models, exotic spin liquids, and phase transitions. With the lifetime of our atoms being ~500 ms, however, the gate time (effective light modulation time) of our setup remains a key hurdle. Building on work from Thompson’s group, this project will enable sub-25µs gates on a new 2D optical lattice in the Ultracold group’s E6 experiment. This opens the door for a host of new features like atomic reloading, error correction, mid-circuit measurement, and exploration of 2D spin liquids and Bose-Hubbard models.

Message To Sponsor

Without a paid stipend for the summer, I would have to split my efforts between a job and research. Your contribution frees me from that burden, and funds a project critical to future experiments in the Ultracold lab. I thank you for your support for young researchers like myself and the exciting field of quantum information.
Major: Physics and Mathematics
Mentor: Dan Stamper-Kurn
Sponsor: Rose Hills Foundation
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