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Nare Janvelyan Rose Hills

Energies and Dynamics of New Pathways in Excited Metalloporphyrins Upon Ionization

Metalloporphyrins are found in various different organisms ranging from humans to plants. Metalloporphyrins consist of a porphyrin macrocycle with a coordinated metal atom at their center. They are part of many biological systems such as chlorophyll, vitamin B12, cytochrome P-450, and hemoglobin. Synthetic metalloporphyrins are used as commercial dyes and catalysts in the design of solar cells, molecular electronics, and supramolecular building blocks. The metalloporphyrins interaction with light plays a critical role in many systems therefore it is important to characterize the molecules interactions with light. The goal of my research project is to investigate the molecules interaction with light by studying the ionization of the ground and excited state using a femtosecond laser to conduct a pump-probe experiment. Metalloporphyrins of various metal centers and substituent groups on the porphyrin macrocycle will be studied in order to find how each variable affects the ionization process and excited state dynamics.

Message To Sponsor

The SURF/Rose Hills fellowship has given me the opportunity to work on my independent project and completely immerse myself in science this summer. This summer will be a valuable experience as I will learn to conduct research and analysis and become a full time researcher. My work this summer will help prepare me for graduate school in the near future. I am thankful and excited to be given this opportunity.
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Major: Chemistry
Mentor: Stephen Leone, Chemistry
Sponsor: Rose Hills Foundation
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