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Nan “Chuck” Ye Rose Hills

Efficient bioconjugation through UV-activated oxidative coupling of azidophenol and Aniline

Bioconjugation reactions, the chemical reactions connecting two biomolecules together, have been heavily studied to chemically modify proteins, allowing the possibility of augmenting the biological activity of proteins with small molecules. This field of research is crucial to many pharmaceutical applications, such as drug targeting that requires the conjugation between drug molecules and soluble proteins. In order to install new synthetic molecules onto a protein site specifically and bioorthogonally, there is an increasing need for chemical strategies that can effectively attach synthetic molecules site specifically to proteins. However, many of these reactions often require high excess of reagents, and the types of reactions that can selectively target amino acids are limited. My project is to investigate the scope of bioconjugation reaction by studying the UV-light activated oxidative coupling reaction between azidophenol and anline. The research project will potentially lead to new bioconjugation method with high yields, chemoselectivity and expanded conjugation substrates.

Message To Sponsor

The SURF/Rose Hills fellowship provides me with the opportunity to explore chemistry throughout the summer. Without financial burdens and exam stresses, I can devote myself into full time research at a university laboratory. This opportunity allows me to investigate chemistry in depth and enhances my understanding on the subject, and it also gives me a chance to work with other researchers in an academic environment. In addition, I am able to collaborate with field experts and discuss about novel ideas. These experiences will certainly strengthen my research skills and pave the way for my future career. I greatly appreciate this opportunity and look forward to explore some sciences.
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Major: Chemical Biology
Mentor: Matthew Francis, Chemistry
Sponsor: Rose Hills Foundation
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