Undergraduate Research & Scholarships

Monica Susana Hidalgo Humanities and Social Science

The Veil of Hushed Desires: Inscribing Silence onto the Female Body

The religious and phantasmagorical realms of Dantes Inferno and Hans Christian Andersens fairy tales have fascinated generations of readers to enter into a phantasmagorical realm whereby magic and metaphor camouflage a rather fanatic quest for redemption. Through physical mutilations and psychological torture, these stories have condemned fictional female subjects to punitive action as a means of depicting the omnipotence God. Through biographical and autobiographical records, textual analysis, and literary discourse surrounding Dante Alighieri and Hans Christian Andersens distinct authorships, my research seeks to further examine the ways by which these authors fictional female subjects are silenced and inscribed within a liminal space of patriarchal standards of morality.

Major: Interdisciplinary Studies Field
Mentor: Karin Sanders, Scandinavian Studies
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