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Application of the TES as a Radioactive Decay Detector

Neutrino-less double beta decay is a process that is forbidden in the current Standard Model of particle physics since it violates lepton number conservation. If observed, this type of decay can provide insight into fundamental neutrino properties, such as whether neutrinos are Majorana or Dirac fermions (i.e. whether they are their own anti-particles). This decay also provides information on the neutrino mass hierarchy and its mass scale. Cryogenic Underground Observatory for Rare Events (CUORE) is a leading experiment in this search and its successor, CUORE Upgrade with Particle ID (CUPID) will dive into unexplored regions of parameter space in neutrino physics. This project will model a novel bi-layer Ir/Pt Transition Edge Sensor (TES) and develop a feasible method of harnessing the advantages of TES to demonstrate a low noise light detector with time resolution on the order of micro-seconds. The addition of TES will provide a reliable method of separate a and B(y) particle signals for CUPID to allow for a quieter background for our awaited hypothetical signal.

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The SURF experience this summer has played an essential role of my scientific career since it enabled me to sink entirely into research for an eight-week period. I am therefore able to make major progress over the proposed research project, and perhaps more importantly, realize and enjoy contributing to a scientific effort that aims to advance our knowledge of the universe. SURF helped me concentrate on the project and indirectly built my confidence as a result. In all, it is an invaluable program that shaped my future career.
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Major: Physics and Applied Math
Mentor: Yury Kolomensky
Sponsor: McKinley Fund
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