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Mei Lan Li Rose Hills

Investigating the role of ANGPTL5 in the regulation of lipid metabolism

Obesity, as a result of excess triacylglycerol accumulated in white adipose tissues, is an established risk factor for many metabolic diseases, such as type 2 diabetes. Studying the lipolytic effects of proteins contributes to the development of anti-obesity and anti-diabetic agents that can potentially control adiposity and improve insulin sensitivity. Angiopoietin-like proteins (ANGPTLs) are a family of members that are highly involved in the regulation of lipid metabolism and glucose homeostasis. The exact physiological and metabolic functions of ANGPTL5 in humans remain unknown since no ANGPTL5 orthologous gene has been described in murine. Human genomic studies indicate the association of ANGPTL5 with plasma triglyceride level and BMI, suggesting a role in lipid homeostasis. This summer, I will investigate the metabolic functions of ANGPTL5 in adipocyte lipolysis in vivo using ANGPTL5-expressing adenovirus infected mice. I will also examine the inhibitory effect of ANGPTL5 on plasma lipoprotein lipase activity in vitro using purified human ANGPTL5 proteins.

Message To Sponsor

These four years at Cal, I always wanted a research project to experience the ups and downs of research. I am very thankful to both SURF and the Rose Hills Foundation for offering this valuable opportunity and generous support. This summer, I will be able to apply the knowledge I gained in college to an independent research project in my area of interest, metabolic biology. This invaluable experience will further my study in metabolic diseases. Thank you so much for this meaningful opportunity!
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Major: Chemical Biology
Mentor: Jen-Chywan (Wally) Wang
Sponsor: Rose Hills Independent
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