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Madison de Vere Rose Hills

Rates of Chlamydia (Ct) and Gonorrhea (Ng) Within the Fijian Population

This summer, I will be traveling to Suva, Fiji with a research team from UCSF led by Dr. Deborah Dean. As part of a longitudinal study started in 2018, we aim to identify Ng antibiotic susceptibility patterns and determine current rates of resistance to antibiotics. With this in mind, we are also looking to determine the association of antibiotic resistance (AR) Ng strains with clinical signs and symptoms. In addition, we are looking at current Ng-Ct co-infection rates, in order to determine the longitudinal prevalence of Ng and STIs and other vaginal co-infections in Fiji, whose total healthcare expenditure is only 4.5% of GDP. Previous research has shown high rates of asymptomatic Ng and Ct infections and no diagnostic testing, indicating a high risk for transmission. My team’s research will be crucial in helping the Fijian Ministry of Health to develop interventions and treatment to advance antibiotic stewardship, and to decrease Ng and Ct rates.

Message To Sponsor

A special thank you goes to the donor from SURF Rose Hills Foundation for funding my part in this project. With the funding, I am able to travel to Fiji and bring this research project idea into reality. The results of this study will surely prove beneficial to the Fijian Ministry of Health, and to my own professional and academic growth. Thank you!
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Major: Molecular and Cellular Biology/ Psychology
Mentor: Deborah Dean
Sponsor: Rose Hills Foundation
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