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Lucy Sandoe L&S Sciences

Classifying the origins of uplift at the Mendocino Triple Junction

My project will try to address the possible hazards associated with the Mendocino Triple Junction, where the Pacific, North American, and Gorda plates meet. This project will use Global Positioning Satellites (GPS) and python programs to measure and model ground deformation in order to further understand the uplift that results from the intersection of the three tectonic plates. These deformation models are a novel approach to characterize whether faulting, aseismic deformation, or deeper mantle processes cause uplift in different parts of the region. From this characterization, this project aims to estimate fault location and movement, leading to quantification of locking depth and earthquake potential on the faults. By analyzing the processes which cause deformation near the triple junction, I hope to gain a better understanding of the magnitude, location, and hazard of future earthquakes in this area.

Message To Sponsor

This summer, I found a new capacity within myself to reach towards real science, real research, and I was able to push myself to create a project I am proud of. A few years ago, I could not have pictured taking part in this program and creating a thesis. None of this could have happened without the generous support of my donors, which ensured that I would have the framework and resources to achieve.
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Major: Geophysics
Mentor: Roland Burgmann
Sponsor: Anselm MPS
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