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Kiran Brar Humanities and Social Science

The Effect of Gender, Education, and Area of Residency on Division of Household Labor in Punjab, India

While the unbalanced sex-based division of labor has been explored in various parts of the developing world, it remains largely unstudied in Punjab (Northwest India). Punjab is a predominantly agricultural society with diverse family organizational forms, including joint and extended families.
I will examine how the division of labor amongst heterosexual couples in Punjab, India is influenced by gender, religion, education, and area of residency. I will conduct 20 in-depth interviews in two cities and two to three rural villages, divided evenly into the following four groups: 1) rural and educated, 2) rural and uneducated, 3) urban and educated, and 4) urban and uneducated. In this research, I will seek to discover how gender, educational attainment, and area of residency affect the division of household labor among heterosexual couples in Punjab.

Message To Sponsor

First of all, I would like to thank you for sponsoring my research over the summer. My research was able to examine the impacts of society on gender and class identities and shed light on an important area of social change. I have gained so much knowledge and confidence as a researcher and am very excited to continue my work and develop it into a senior thesis. Without your generosity, I would not have such a valuable experience with SURF!
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Major: Cognitive Science
Mentor: Mary Kelsey
Sponsor: Wishek L&S
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