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Kamyar Jarahzadeh Humanities and Social Science

Identity at the Fringes of Citizenship: Experiences of Afghan Refugees and Asylum Seekers in Turkey

Turkey is home to a population of 17,000 Afghan refugeesa number which is projected to double by the end of the year. Afghan refugees travel to Turkey fleeing violence and economic hardships, only to find themselves struggling to subsist while navigating a convoluted resettlement process. My project is an ethnographic study of their experiences and interactions within their communities, and with state and non-state actors. Findings will be generated with participant observation and interviewing of Afghan refugees currently in Turkey. The project will explore what citizenship means for displaced peoples in an increasingly globalized world. I hope to reveal how international refugee policy affects lives on the ground, and reveal how state and non-state actors interact when dealing with a single population.

Message To Sponsor

My SURF Fellowship allowed me to fund an extensive trip to Turkey to meet with Afghan refugees and experience first-hand the cities and situations in which they live. This opportunity is invaluable especially as my project hopes to be the first piece of academic work to document and examine the experiences of Afghan refugees in Turkey. Because this population has been oft-overlooked by the international community, I give great thanks to the donors for facilitating the first step towards finally bringing attention to this community in need.
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Major: Interdisciplinary Studies Field
Mentor: Clare Talwalker, International & Area Studies
Sponsor: JSB Fund
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