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Jordan Huang Rose Hills

Scanning Tunneling Microscopy on Multiferroic Thin Film Oxides

The recent interest in the properties of multiferroic materials is due to its proposed application in a variety of technologies such as sensors and data storage devices as well as its application in the miniaturization of technological devices. The scanning tunneling microscope (STM), with its capabilities to study materials on the atomic level, is a very useful tool that can be used to understand the nature of multiferroic materials. The majority of multiferroic materials, however, are oxides and STM study on multiferroic oxides is largely unexplored. This is due to the difficulty that most multiferroic oxides are insulators, and STM measurements typically require the sample to be conducting. As a result, this summer I will be exploring how well the STM can be used to study multiferroic thin film oxides.

Message To Sponsor

I really appreciate your donation to fund the research that I did this summer. Prior to this project, I had little research experience on such an engaged level. Your stipend allowed me to fully focus on my project and this experience has made me much more confident in my abilities as a researcher. The SURF program has helped solidify my goal to go to graduate school for physics, which I will be applying for in the coming months. I am very happy that programs like SURF exist and hope that it will continue to support future scholars. Thank you again for your generous donation.
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Major: Physics
Mentor: Michael Crommie
Sponsor: SURF Rose Hills Experience
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