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Jasper Talwani L&S Social Sciences

Highland Chontal Core Grammar in Language Revitalization

In my research project, I will create a partial grammatical description of Highland Chontal, a highly endangered indigenous language of Oaxaca, Mexico, through collaboration with elder master speakers. I will use this information to produce pedagogical materials for use in classrooms where the language is being taught. I will also conduct a workshop to train Chontal language activists and speakers in linguistics in order for them to understand and be able to use these materials, in addition to other skills such as literacy in the language, language documentation methods, and language revitalization methods.

Message To Sponsor

Thank you for your generosity in funding SURF! With your support, I am able to fulfill one of my greatest academic dreams. I will be going to Oaxaca to study the Chontal language and work with the Chontal community. I truly appreciate your goodwill!
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Major: Linguistics
Mentor: Line Mikkelsen
Sponsor: Leadership Fund
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