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Jason Lam Rose Hills

Using Bay Annulated Indigo for OPV

Organic Photovoltaic cells (OPV) are on the rise of changing modern technology. An advantage of photovoltaic cells is that it utilizes chemicals based on their properties that can harness energy from the suns radiation and provide a voltage. This green way of approaching power supply will help save Earths natural reservoirs and impede atmospheric pollution. However, standard organic photovoltaic cells (OPV) that uses P3HT and PCBM mixtures have only a power conversion efficiency (PCE) up to 4.5%. This inefficient percentage is what hampers OPV from excelling in todays technology. My research will be using a substitute for P3HT with Bay Annulated Indigo (BAI) and explore its derivatives in attempt to find resulting compounds that yield better absorption in the UV-VIS regions.

Message To Sponsor

I am very excited for this research because it will be my most significant project at UC Berkeley. This summer I will be giving my full-undivided attention for this work. Thank you so much to the Rose Hills Foundation for giving me this opportunity to contribute to the science world.
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Major: Chemistry, Physics (Minor)
Mentor: Matt Francis, Chemistry
Sponsor: Rose Hills
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