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Jacob Lewis Rose Hills

The Effects of Myopia and of Atropine Treatment on the Creep Response of Whole Eyes

Myopia occurs when the eye becomes too long for the cornea and lens to properly focus the light on the retina. In myopia progression, the sclera thins and weakens causing the eye to grow axially. This summer, I will determine the effect of myopia on the mechanical properties of whole chick eyes and to determine how the sclaral creep response is affected by treatment with the myopia-control drug atropine. I will utilize a method of inflating intact eyes in order to characterize the creep response. Using intact globes allows for loading conditions similar to those experienced by the sclera in vivo, providing a better understanding of scleral weakening.

Message To Sponsor

I immensely appreciate the opportunity to conduct research this summer. I am excited to devote myself to seeing a project to completion, gaining strong laboratory experience along the way and preparing me to continue my studies in graduate school. Working on research full time will allow me to conduct the highest quality research I can, and I am thankful that the SURF/Rose Hills program is giving me that chance.
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Major: Bioengineering, Material Science and Engineering
Mentor: Christine Wildsoet, Optometry
Sponsor: Rose Hills Foundation
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