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Isabella Franchesca Shipley Humanities and Social Science

Art and the Environmental Movement

With well established evidence of the nuanced social and political aspects of environmentalism, it has become apparent that there is a need for a more compelling and holistic approach to discussing these issues. My research will document how art contributes to these conversations and explores the more human elements of environmental justice. The extent to which visual art can impact the formation of individuals’ opinions, motivations and curiosities with respect to the environmental movement will be explored through art practice. Informed by past works, this project will draw from art history to analyze how political and social discourse is conveyed in visual media. The role of art in social movements and its potential to inspire change will be applied to the predicament of plastics, inquiring through artistic language about the abundant disposal of plastic and its social and ecological implications. My project explores how artwork has motivated change in people whether it be manifested in prompting one to do personal research into a topic, sharing the experience with others, or taking action in ones personal life and community.

Message To Sponsor

To the Anselm fund, I am immensely appreciative of your support through my fellowship. I have expanded the knowledge I thought I had in new ways. To be able to dedicate my full focus to what I am most passionate about has been one of the most impactful experiences for me as a student pioneering my own area of study. I feel more capable as a researcher and synthesizer of information and ideas. This fellowship experience has strengthened my ambition to use art for activism and fundraising. I feel more confident in my future plans and my hypothesis and feel newly instilled with verve to continue on my project and expand and share my project with others.
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Major: Interdisciplinary Studies Field and Society and Environment
Mentor: Indira Martina Morre
Sponsor: Anselm Fund
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