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Hong Joo Ryoo Rose Hills

Unification and Information Paradoxes

My research asks what unification would mean in the realm of modern physics, and the nature of the current scientific paradigm. It could potentially induce discourse of a paradigm shift, a drastic change in how humans in general understand things. In addition, by viewing the information paradox from multiple lenses, we could better approach a solution and Grand unification of quantum gravity. Current research consists of solutions of the Hawking radiation paradox in the forms of mathematical corrections, firm beliefs from intuition, new theoretical scenarios, low-energy theories, and other theories about the universe. The solution to the information paradox is not yet known, and collecting all of such solutions and synthesizing/proposing a combined theory (of one or two of the aforementioned scenarios) would allow for advancements in the field in mathematical and theoretical development. There are more paradoxes that may arise from certain mathematical solutions, and I will attempt to capture them in my work.

Message To Sponsor

Thank you so much for your support. It means a lot. Being able to work on research during the summer when I am the most intellectually driven from leisure. This donation will provide for my needs during my research and time at school. I thank you once again for supporting me!
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Major: Physics and Applied Mathematics
Mentor: Yasunori Nomura
Sponsor: Rose Hills Foundation
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