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Henry Seaborne L&S Biological Sciences

Effecrs of Lipid Composition upon C. crescentus Membrane Proteome

All cells have specialized membranes that act as storage vesicles to hold in their essential machinery, sort what comes in and out of their cell, and countless other diverse functions that allow for cell viability. In my lab, we are focused on studying the membranes of the bacteria Caulobacter Crescentus because its unique ability to survive without a component that normally defers cell life or death. My project is working on categorizing how protein composition changes between normal and mutated Caulobacter Crescentus. and whether there’s a mechanism allowing for viability despite a mutated outer membrane.

Message To Sponsor

I want to say thank you so much for funding my summer research. Being able to conduct my research this summer will allow me to practice formal lab research and paper writing that I believe is foundational to my experience as an undergraduate at UC Berkeley. I hope my research can serves a key information to the continued study of the bacteria that are all around us!
Major: Microbial Biology and Public Health
Mentor: Kathleen Ryan
Sponsor: Leadership Fund
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