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Gabriel Sarnoff Humanities and Social Science

The Flow of SoundAn Exploration of Computer Music

How can I insert computer music into the intersection of improvisation and composition? My research will explore the ways in which I can use the computer as an instrument in itself and, conversely, as a medium between instrument and sound production. Computers enable a constant and spontaneous flow of information between the musician and the digital soundscape. Learning how to control this flow will let me bring composition and improvisation into a modern context without losing the integrity and intricacies of live performance. My project will be to create a computer music program that musicians can use to alter the soundscape created by their traditional instruments. For example, how can a string quartet modernize their sound without losing their authenticity? Can I create a feedback loop between computer and musician in which the musicians playing affects the output of the computer and the computers output influences the musicians playing? My project aims to repurpose the often damaging relationship between modern humans and technology into a harmonious balance between analog and digital sound.

Message To Sponsor

The fellowship allowed me to delve into my creative mind for an entire semester without feeling restrained by a job or money. I was able to see what it would be like to work as a full time artist, and I loved it. The summer gave me confidence in my musical and compositional abilities. It made me realize how integral composing is to my sense of self.
Major: Music and Cognitive Science
Mentor: Arianne Eason
Sponsor: Anselm
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