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Gabriel Kaufman Rose Hills

Characterization of Delayed Fluorescence in Mixed Single- Crystal Organic Scintillator Materials

In many research facilities and nuclear reactors, data collection relies on diagnostics in neutron spectrometry, which involves measurement of neutron scattering energies. Facilities often manufacture and utilize organic scintillatorscrystals that luminesce in response to excitation from radiationfor neutron spectrometry. Over the years, current uses of scintillator crystals has led to the development of novel crystals with short temporal responses. The scintillation light yield must be characterized in order to further development. A mathematical model has been derived for a mixed organic scintillator composed of bibenzyl doped with stilbene, which suppresses a component of its light yield. However, this model must now be compared to real data and adjusted accordingly. Over the summer I will be collecting this data in order to validate the model for this organic scintillator.

Message To Sponsor

This summer provides me with an exciting opportunity to develop my career in undergraduate research here at Berkeley. Namely, this will be my first experience engaging in hands-on lab work for projects in the nuclear engineering field. This experience given to me by the Rose Hills Foundation is invaluable to me, offering a chance to garner useful skills and knowledge pertinent to a future occupation as an engineer. Additionally, this gives me a chance to delve into and explore work in a field interests me: nuclear physics. I look forward to the research I will be conducting this summer and the years to follow.
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Major: Nuclear Engineering, Electrical Engineering
Mentor: Dr. Bethany Goldblum, Nuclear Engineering
Sponsor: SURF Rose Hills fellow
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