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Gabe Schwartzman Humanities and Social Science

Voices of the Potomac: Race, Class and the Deindustrialization of a River

The project investigates how deindustrialization has been different on two areas of rural Maryland along the Potomac River, based on race and geography. During the last half century both ends of the river have lost heavy industries, yet the upper river has seen the maintenance of their population with a rise in poverty, while the lower river has seen a decrease in the original population but a decrease in poverty.

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This summer's project is putting me in touch with fascinating and life-changing communities along Potomac River, where I am originally from. I hope to be able to create multi-media maps of the river to discuss the relationship between people and the water they live with.
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Major: Geography
Mentor: Ignacio Chapela, Environmental Science Policy & Management
Sponsor: Wishek Fund
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