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Ethan Deller Rose Hills

Fluorescence Labeling Gut Commensal Bacteria of C. elegans

Our lab is working to understand the effects of host-microbe interactions in the powerful model organism C. elegans. In order to quantify the microbiome, we have previously used a single fluorescent bacterial strain that is a known gut commensal. However, only having access to this single strain limits the types of experiments we can do, as we are forced to include this strain in studies hoping to understand colonization levels in the worm gut. In order to remedy this issue, my project will attempt to introduce a fluorescent plasmid into the chromosome of other bacterial strains we are interested in studying. This will allow us to study the effects of these strains in the gut microbiota more effectively, while also clarifying the protocol for creating fluorescent bacteria in different families.

Message To Sponsor

Thank you so much for giving me an opportunity to continue my research. Being able to handle my own project has been an important goal of mine, so I am grateful for this opportunity. I am looking forward to the summer in my lab, and could not have been here without your help.
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Major: Molecular and Cellular Biology
Mentor: Rebecca Choi
Sponsor: Rose Hills Foundation
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