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Deborah Qu L&S Social Sciences

Increasing the Efficacy of Cognitive Reappraisal

I am interested in studying strategies to increase the efficacy of cognitive reappraisal, an emotion regulation strategy in which one alters thoughts about an event to modify one’s emotional response to that event. Cognitive reappraisal can be effective in down-regulating negative emotions in stressful, emotional situations. However, because cognitive reappraisal has been shown to deplete cognitive resources, implementing cognitive reappraisal can be difficult in emotional situations that are cognitively demanding. The project aims to study whether implementation intentions, a strategy known for its ability to automatize desired behaviors in goal achievement literature, can automatize cognitive reappraisal in the down-regulation of negative emotions. Over the summer, I plan to compare the emotional outcomes of cognitive reappraisal with cognitive reappraisal + implementation intentions in the presence of emotional stimuli to study whether implementation intentions will increase the automaticity of cognitive reappraisal, resulting in lower negative affect and less effortful regulation.

Message To Sponsor

Thank you so much for sponsoring my research project during the summer. This is an amazing opportunity for me to develop my research skills and explore my research interests. I am truly honored and grateful for your support and generosity!
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Major: Psychology
Mentor: Ozlem Ayduk
Sponsor: Wishek Fund
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