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Daphne Maskrey L&S Arts & Humanities

Inhibiting Progress: A Critical Analysis of Title IX

This research project conducts rhetorical analysis of Title IX policy to investigate its limits in the pursuit of nondiscrimination. I ask: How does the language of Title IX contribute to the discourse surrounding sex-based discrimination, and what rhetorical limitations obfuscate Title IX’s declared pursuit of nondiscrimination? Based on my firsthand experience with Title IX, I hypothesize that Title IX enacts a discursive feedback loop wherein the language around sexual harassment and sex-based discrimination self-limits in the pursuit of nondiscrimination. My project hopes to point out the limitations of Title IX policy and articulate an alternative to this policy’s discriminatory effects.

Message To Sponsor

I am deeply grateful for this opportunity to conduct impactful research. This is a project I have been conjuring up for the past few years and I am excited to see it through this summer. It is an honor to have received this generous award.
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Major: Rhetoric
Mentor: Samera Esmeir
Sponsor: Anselm A&H
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