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Claire Sawyer L&S Social Sciences

Factors Affecting Traditional Medicine Usage in Fiji

Why do communities use traditional medicine? My research will investigate whether high rates of Traditional Medicine (TM) in Oceania, specifically Fiji, are due to lack of trust in modern healthcare or lack of education. Colonial and imperial histories have long contributed to hesitancy to receive healthcare, which I hypothesize catalyzes communities to shift to traditional healthcare as a reactionary measure. The study includes field research in Suva, Fiji, a postcolonial nation, where I’ll survey patients at a variety of STI Clinics and analyze their responses in order to provide a holistic analysis of the factors affecting traditional medicine use.

Message To Sponsor

A HUGE thank you to my donor! I am incredibly appreciative of your support, and due to this sponsorship, I’ll not only be able to contribute to an underdeveloped research field, but also receive a once-in-a-lifetime experience of doing field research across the globe. I cannot thank you enough for giving me the chance to take this opportunity.
Major: Interdisciplinary Studies
Mentor: Deborah Dean
Sponsor: Shin Morgan Fund
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