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Charles Long L&S Social Sciences

Impact of Tutoring in Prison on Empathy Amongst Berkeley Students

The United States faces challenges in its criminal justice system, with high rates of incarceration and recidivism. Volunteer programs targeting incarcerated populations offer potential avenues for rehabilitation and recidivism reduction. UC Berkeley’s Teach in Program exemplifies this approach, wherein UC Berkeley students assist San Quentin State Prison students in obtaining their G.E.D.

While research supports the positive effects of volunteer work and interaction with marginalized populations on empathy development, limited studies have specifically examined the impact of volunteering in prisons. With religious outreach dominating the space of prison volunteerism, a research gap exists examining a tutoring program conducted by college students. This study aims to investigate the effects of volunteer tutoring of incarcerated students, particularly those working towards their G.E.D., on empathy levels amongst UC Berkeley students. Understanding this relationship can provide insights into strategies for fostering social awareness and empathy toward marginalized groups.

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I live in a space of gratitude. I never forget where I've come and where I am now in comparison. I never imagined the opportunities that would be available to me as a UC Berkeley student. So thank you for offering me more than I even dreamed.
Major: Sociology and Legal Studies
Mentor: Laleh Behbehanian
Sponsor: Wishek Fund
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