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Benjamin Capinski Rose Hills

Magnetic Field Control System for the Ultracold Titanium Experiment

The field of atomic physics studies the behavior of atoms, focusing on their fundamental properties and interactions. Most research in ultracold atomic physics has concentrated on alkali and alkali earth metals due to the simplicity of laser cooling them. Until recently, this has left most of the periodic table unexplored in the ultracold regime. By performing laser cooling in a metastable state, the E8 experiment in Prof. Dan Stamper-Kurn’s group is the first in the world to laser cool titanium atoms, with plans for further cooling to quantum degeneracy. The successful cooling of titanium also opens avenues for practical applications, including ultraprecise timekeeping and potential advancements in quantum computing. In order to realize the experiment, precise and fast magnetic field control is needed. As a member of the team, my individual project will be to design and create such a magnetic field control system for the experiment.

Message To Sponsor

I am incredibly grateful for the generous support of my project. This is an amazing opportunity to pursue my passion for physics and contribute meaningfully to the field. I am excited to make the most out of the summer and develop skills that will serve me well in the future.
Major: Physics
Mentor: Dan Stamper-Kurn
Sponsor: Rose Hills Foundation
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