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Az Zhang Rose Hills

In Silico Prediction of Long Undecoded Transcript Isoform

The subject of this project delves into the nuanced regulatory functions of Long Undecoded Transcript Isoforms (LUTIs) within the realm of gene expression. This line of inquiry is driven by a pivotal question: Given LUTIs, once simply considered alternatively spliced coding transcripts, are found not translated into proteins, how do they impact gene expression across the genome? This inquiry is crucial, as it challenges existing models of genetic regulation.
To address this question, the project integrates in silico analysis with experimental validation to systematically identify LUTIs and delineate their mechanisms of action. This methodology is designed to shed light on their operational significance on top of augmenting existing LUTI catalogs. By exploring the functional dynamics of understudied transcripts, this work seeks to enhance our understanding of the complex roles of non-coding genomic elements, thereby contributing to the broader discourse on gene expression.

Message To Sponsor

Thank you so much for your support! With the help, I will be able devote more of my energy towards my project without having to worry about the finances. I am excited for the opportunity to connect with my peers while growing as a researcher.
Major: Molecular and Cell Biology and Computer Science
Mentor: Elçin Ünal
Sponsor: Rose Hills Foundation
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