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Armaan Nangia Rose Hills

Irreversible & Electrolytic Electroporation Aided Regenerative Surgery

Regenerative surgery is an area of growing importance in medicine. A new field of
regenerative surgery is combining a tissue ablation modality that leaves the extracellular
matrix intact with transplantation of regenerative cells into the ablated volume. An
effective method for generating a niche for cell transplantation is electroporation, which
creates nanosized pores in the cellular membrane, which can be utilized in different
ways. Based on our current knowledge, there is much to be explored in regard to
electroporation and determining the most effective parameters for successful tissue
regeneration. We will compare two modes of electroporation techniques Irreversible
Electroporation (IRE) and Electrolytic Electroporation (E2). The goal will be to determine
whether IRE and E2 may be comparable in inducing hepatocyte engraftment or if one
technology may be better than the other and what is the optimal time for implantation of
the regenerative cells.

Message To Sponsor

I wanted to take a moment to express my deepest gratitude for your generous donation towards my research project. Your support means the world to me and has given me the opportunity to pursue a topic that I am truly passionate about. Your kindness and generosity have helped me take a significant step towards achieving my research goals.I am honored to have your support and will ensure that your donation is put to good use.
Major: Molecular and Cell Biology & Economics
Mentor: 1. Boris Rubinsky, 2. Tammy Chang
Sponsor: SURF Rose Hills
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