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Anthony Ransford Rose Hills

Temperature Fluctuations in Planer Symmetry Ion Traps

Quantum information processing promises to increase computer power on a scale not yet seen in the industry. With less than a hundred quantum mechanical bits physical systems that are beyond the scope of current computers could be investigated. One method of quantum information processing is using laser cooled ions trapped in electromagnetic fields. The ions must remain sufficiently undisturbed long enough to make calculations. In practice strong heating of the laser cooled ions hinder this. The source of this heating can be traced to electric fields which are five orders of magnitude larger than what is predicted by fundamental theories. It will be very important to measure and understand this source of heating in order to mitigate it. I will measure the heating rates of surface ion traps at room temperature to provide data for future ion trap architecture. With these measurements future cleaning and treatment methods of the trap surfaces can be developed.

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The SURF Rose Hills experience provides me with a hands on extension to my education and a glimpse of my possible future career in research. The value of knowing what a career in a desired field consists of is immeasurable. With the large timescales of a STEM education one needs to be aware of the end result and whether or not one will be content with it. Beyond the glimpse into my future this also gives me the opportunity to learn about cutting edge research and contribute to it in a non-trivial way.
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Major: Physics
Mentor: Hartmut Haeffner, Physics
Sponsor: Rose Hills Foundation
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