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Anmol Desai SURF SMART

Investigating Stellar Mass vs. Rotation Period Using K2 Space Telescope

The K2 telescope observed over half a million stars in the night sky. Some of these stars are in dense open clusters,” and all of the stars in an open cluster are assumed to be the same age. K2 generated composite images of these open clusters, and in this project we will analyze an open cluster called Ruprecht 147. The goal of this project is to measure how rapidly the stars in Ruprecht 147 are rotating and compare this to how massive they are. Then we will look at how this relationship between mass and rotation for the stars in Ruprecht 147 compares to those for other open clusters of different ages. This will tell us about how stellar populations change over time. The project involves generating time-series data from telescope images and searching for periodic signals in this data, querying a large database to extract stellar masses, and quantitatively defining the relationship between our variables.

Message To Sponsor

Dear donor, Thank you so much for supporting our SURF project. As an astrophysics student, research is a vital part of my education, and it is only possible because of programs like SURF-SMART. I hope to use this summer as a way to build skills and experience, and as a stepping stone to conducting my own research in the future. Thank you again, Anmol Desai
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Major: Physics
Mentor: Emma Turtelboom
Sponsor: Shin Morgan Fund
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