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Angela Shiau Rose Hills

Synthesis and Reactivity of Actinide-Guanidinate Complexes

Organometallic transition metal chemistry is an important cornerstone of chemical research, as studies have led to the development of important catalysts and deeper understanding in the bonding of elements in the entire periodic table. Analogous chemistry with the actinide elements, however, has been relatively unexplored in comparison. Contributing to this lack of experimental work, this project aims to deepen the understanding of guanidinate-supported actinide complexes. Recently, I have synthesized and structurally characterized thorium(IV) and uranium (IV) guanidinate platforms. From these platforms, I accessed the first uranium (III) guanidinate complex. Interesting for its potential as a single molecule magnet as well as its high reactivity towards small molecules, this compound will be studied extensively.

Message To Sponsor

The generous support from SURF and the Rose Hills Foundation will allow me to focus solely on my project and my senior thesis. I would also like to thank them for giving me this wonderful opportunity to work and learn in one of the top research labs. This experience is valuable because it will help prepare me for independent, full-time research if I attend graduate school in the future.
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Major: Chemistry
Mentor: John Arnold
Sponsor: Rose Hills Independent
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