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Ana Navidad Rayon L&S Social Sciences

Educational Equity: Undocumented Students Navigating Higher Ed

Undocumented students are an underrepresented group in higher education. One of their many challenges is having limited financial and academic opportunities as a result of their legal status. Institutions need to create intentional practices that expose undocumented students to resources and opportunities to dismantle inequalities in the college experience. This research study will seek to understand the degree to which community colleges assist undocumented students with navigating the education system by connecting them to opportunities and resources. I will also explore the extent to which undocumented students take advantage of these opportunities and how doing so impacts academic outcomes in terms of grades and college completion. The study will explain the importance of exposing undocumented students to productive activities that are designed to enrich their learning experiences and increase graduation rates.

Message To Sponsor

Thank you for supporting me as an undergraduate pursuing research. I am very grateful and excited for this new opportunity. I cannot wait to explore my topic and hopefully contribute to the field of educational research.
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Major: Sociology Major
Mentor: Dr Travis J. Bristol
Sponsor: Gates Foundation
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