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Adrian Caceres L&S Social Sciences

STIGMA: The Prison Shadow of Incarceration in Higher Education

As a SURF fellow, my research explores the impact of societal and academic stigmas faced by formerly incarcerated or system-impacted (FI/SI) students who have participated in the Berkeley Underground Scholars Pipeline (BUSP) in contrast to those (FI/SI) students who made it to Berkeley on their own. Specifically, I examine whether participation in BUSP programs, such as cross-enrollment and others, helped these individuals feel less stigmatized compared to their peers who navigated their way to Berkeley without BUS support. This study aims to highlight the importance of structured support programs in enhancing the educational and social integration of formerly incarcerated students, potentially influencing policy and program development for this underserved population.

Message To Sponsor

Thank you for funding my experience as a SURF fellow. Your support is not just changing my life; it's also contributing to broader social justice change. By enabling my research on the impact of educational programs for formerly incarcerated students, you are helping to address and reduce stigma in transformative ways. I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity to advance this important work.
Major: Sociology
Mentor: Loïc Wacquant
Sponsor: CACSSF
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