What is SURF Rose Hills?

SURF Rose Hills supports sophomores, juniors and seniors conducting STEM-oriented research during the summer months. Students may be either pursuing a faculty-led project or an independent project of their own design. For juniors, this funding may be used to support research culminating in a senior honor thesis or capstone project; for graduating seniors, this fellowship allows further development of research that may lead to publication. Generously supported by the Rose Hills Foundation, SURF Rose Hills fellows receive a summer stipend of $5,000. 


Eligibility for SURF Rose Hills is contingent on the following criteria. You must: 

  • Be a matriculating student at UC Berkeley. Visiting and Extensions students are not eligible to apply.
  • Have a 3.5 GPA (Students with a GPA between 3.0 and 3.5  should apply and will be considered for funding but the award will be contingent on special approval from the Rose Hills Foundation)
  • Have standing as a sophomore, junior, or senior according to your Cal Central profile. 
  • Be a U.S. Citizen with permanent residence established in one of the following counties in Southern California: 
    • San Diego County 
    • Imperial County
    • Orange County 
    • Riverside County
    • Santa Barbara County
    • Ventura County
    • Los Angeles County 
    • San Bernardino County
  • Be sponsored by a UC Berkeley, UCSF, CHORI, or LBNL faculty member or lab scientist / principal investigator  
  • Have declared (or intend to declare) in one of the eligible majors:
    • Life Sciences Majors: Integrative Biology, Microbial Biology, Molecular & Cell Biology, Genetics & Plant Biology, Molecular & Environmental Biology, Earth & Planetary Science, Nutritional Science (including: Toxicology, Dietetics, and Physiology & Metabolism), Conservation & Resource Studies, Environmental Sciences, Marine Science, Planetary Science
    • Math/Physical Sciences Majors: Astrophysics, Chemical Biology, Chemical Engineering, Chemistry, Mathematics, Applied Mathematics, Physics, Statistics, Geophysics
    • Engineering Majors: Bioengineering, Civil Engineering, Environmental Engineering, EECS, Computer Science,, Energy Engineering, Engineering Math & Statistics, Engineering Physics, Industrial Engineering & Operations Research, Mechanical Engineering, Materials Science & Engineering, Nuclear Engineering
  • SURF Rose Hills fellows from previous summers are eligible to reapply
  • Applicants from L&S major departments may be considered for both SURF L&S and SURF Rose Hills


  • SURF Rose Hills fellowships will be awarded to students with solid faculty support who demonstrate in the application that they are motivated and well-qualified to take on the proposed research based on a track record of resourcefulness and responsibility.